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FAA expands safety reporting program for workers


Washington – The Federal Aviation Administration, in partnership with the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, has established a program intended to allow certain agency workers to raise safety concerns without fear of retaliation.

The Safety Review Process allows the more than 700 workers in FAA’s Aircraft Certification Service represented by NATCA to report safety issues in a “voluntary, cooperative, non-punitive environment,” according to a June 25 press release.

Most safety issues will likely continue to be settled “at the local level,” FAA states. Yet, the program gives additional employees the chance to voluntarily report safety concerns, FAA Administrator Michael P. Huerta said in the release.

After an 18-month pilot period, the program will be reviewed to determine if it will be permanent. It is similar to one implemented last year for FAA’s Office of Airports.

Through the process, a worker files an online confidential report about a safety issue. A board with two FAA managers and two NATCA representatives determines whether the issue meets safety criteria. A panel then investigates and provides recommendations.