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‘Everyone has a part to play’ in underground utility safety, video says


Photo: Huntstock/Thinkstock

Milwaukee – A new video from the Association of Equipment Manufacturers stresses the importance of planning, training and communication in keeping underground utility workers safe.

The video, released July 20, delivers the message that “everyone has a part to play” – including contractors, dealers and manufacturers – in safety. It is part of a new campaign that features print and online resources, including the “top 10 myths about underground utility worksites,” as well as details about the roles of industry stakeholders such as manufacturers, municipalities and government. AEM said it also will provide resources, such as posters and graphics, to manufacturers and industry groups.

In the video, William Bernhard, AEM technical and safety services manager, cautions that calling 811 is not sufficient preparation for safe work, while a contractor notes that many risks exist because old and new utilities are separated by mere inches.