International academy releases two commentaries on asbestos


Photo: Bronwyn8/iStockphoto

Bologna, Italy – International scientific academy Collegium Ramazzini is emphasizing that the risk for the cancer mesothelioma is connected to both early and recent exposures to asbestos.

The academy states in an Oct. 14 commentary that the Italian asbestos industry’s claim that recent exposures to asbestos do not contribute to the disease is “false, mendacious, and scientifically unfounded.”

It adds that the industry’s claim could result in rejection of workers’ compensation and civil damages, limit diagnosis and prevention of the disease, and “undermine” public health in various countries.

In another commentary, the academy warns that recommendations from the 2014 Helsinki Consensus Report on Asbestos could lead to missed diagnoses, improper workers’ compensation, and “lost opportunities” to identify asbestos hazards and prevent disease. The report has an “over-reliance” on identifying asbestos bodies and fiber counts as indicators of previous asbestos exposure, among other issues, the commentary states.

The commentaries are part of the institute’s 25-year history of criticizing health hazards of asbestos exposure. In June, it re-emphasized its stance that all asbestos use should be banned.