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DOT offers reminder on electronic submission of drug testing forms

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Washington – The Department of Transportation wants to remind urine test collectors about what constitutes the acceptable use of electronic forms instead of paper forms.

DOT issued a reminder to collectors Nov. 19 about rules pertaining to the electronic Federal Drug Testing Custody and Control Form, also known as an “eCCF.” The reminder comes more than six months after a final rule was published in the Federal Register that allowed for electronic submissions in certain circumstances.

According to DOT, collectors may submit electronic forms if two requirements are met:

  • The employer’s laboratory has been approved by the Department of Health and Human Services National Laboratory Certification Program
  • The employer has decided on the use of eCCFs

Although paperwork rules have changed, the collection process is the same, DOT said. Likewise, the need to establish effective confidentiality measures remains the same to make sure confidential employee records are not seen by unauthorized individuals.