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FMCSA pulls carrier safety data from public website


Washington – The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration no longer will publicly display most information involving motor carriers’ safety performances.

FMCSA announced the changes – effective immediately – on Dec. 4. The new policy was required by Congress as part of the long-term transportation funding bill dubbed the FAST Act of 2015.

Although the new law allows FMCSA to continue to display some safety performance data, the agency has decided to pull all information while “appropriate changes are made,” according to a press release.

Safety data will continue to be made available to motor carriers and enforcement users who submit proper login information. Any qualified parties who need a personal identification number may submit a request.

Although the decision to pull safety information from public view was not made by FMCSA, transportation officials say the funding bill is important.

“After hundreds of Congressional meetings, two bus tours, visits to 43 states, and so much uncertainty – and 36 short-term extensions – it has been a long and bumpy ride to a long-term transportation bill,” Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx said in a press release. “It’s not perfect, and there is still more left to do, but it reflects a bipartisan compromise I always knew was possible.”