NSC offers input on how OSHA can improve VPP

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Itasca, IL – Shorter application reviews for OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Programs and more opportunities for current VPP members to assist potential members are among the suggestions the National Safety Council submitted to OSHA Oct. 20 in regard to improving and reshaping the program.

VPP is a collaboration among government, industry and labor to encourage best practices in employee safety and health. Employers submit their safety records and policies when they apply for VPP status and, if accepted, continue to promote safety at their sites, as well as help other employers improve their safety practices on their way to VPP status. VPP sites are exempt from programmed inspections.

In June, OSHA opened a docket for public comments to help “recalibrate” VPP so it “continues to represent safety and health excellence, leverages partner resources, further recognizes the successes of long-term participants and supports smart program growth.”