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Slips, trips and falls

National Safety Month 2019: Week 2

Slips, trips and falls: National Safety Month

Do you ever get distracted by your cellphone when walking? Is your workspace cluttered and messy? Do you barge out of your workstation without looking to see if a coworker is passing? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’re at risk for slips, trips and falls.

To help prevent these dangerous – and sometimes deadly – incidents, the National Safety Council offers several tips:

  • Always use handrails when walking up or down stairs. If you need to carry a load, take the elevator or ask for assistance.
  • Open drink containers can result in spilled liquids, so put a lid on your cup to prevent spills and slips.
  • Don’t walk distracted. Put your phone away and watch where you’re going. If you see a co-worker walking distracted, speak up – even if it feels awkward. “We can sometimes be defensive in these situations, so frame the conversation around your co-worker’s safety and encourage them to finish the text message once they’re sitting in the break room,” NSC says.
  • Keep your office tidy. Close cabinet and desk drawers when you’re not using them and keep the floor clear of clutter.
  • Report slip, trip and fall hazards to your supervisor or safety committee.

Safe at Work Pledge

The National Safety Council is asking Americans to take part in its Safe at Work Pledge. According to NSC, preventable workplace deaths have increased nearly 18% since 2009, outpacing the number of hours worked by around 6%.

Mark P. Vergnano, chairman of the NSC Board of Directors and president and CEO of The Chemours Co., made the request in an April 18 press release acknowledging Workers' Memorial Day, which took place April 28.

“Workers’ Memorial Day is an opportunity to not only remember those who lost their lives on the job, but also recommit to protecting workers from death and injury,” Vergnano said in the release. “Drawing national attention to this issue helps focus all stakeholders on significant ways that we can improve employee safety. Let’s honor those lost by doing more to protect the workers of tomorrow.”

Take the pledge at