'Best in Show' New Product Showcase Awards

Best in Show New Product Showcase

The votes have been counted and we have a winner: Magid D-ROC GPD482 AeroDex 18-Gauge Extremely Lightweight Polyurethane Coated Work Glove, from Magid, has been named “Best in Show” in the sixth annual New Product Showcase Awards.

Magid’s D-ROC GPD482 AeroDex Work Glove is the lightest cut A4 glove available, the company says. The AeroDex shell technology is more than 50% lighter, with the same cut protection as a comparable cut A4. The flexibility and dexterity AeroDex provides means workers can perform jobs that require extreme tactile sensitivity without removing their gloves.

Also medaling:

Second place: Bodytrak
Bodytrak:  The first and only unobtrusive body monitoring platform to accurately measure multiple physiological factors in real-time via one device, Bodytrak uniquely combines accurate measurement of core body temperature, heart rate, heart rate variability and noise to detect levels of heat stress, fatigue and physiological strain. It also detect falls, inactivity and physical impact.

Third place: ABUS USA
ABUS ULC 100 Water Fountain Lockout Device: 
Eliminate access to water fountains with the ULC 100 Lockout Device. Made of high-quality material, the tamper-resistant drawstring bag works on virtually every fountain type. The device allows water bottle filling stations to remain operational while the spout is locked out. The ULC 100 can be easily installed; it requires no tools and instead locks out with a padlock.

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to everyone who participated and voted. See the contending products below.

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