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FMCSA cautions motorcoach drivers against tire overloading in hot weather

Washington – Passenger-carrying motorcoach operators driving in hot weather need to be aware of their vehicle’s tires’ load weight ratings, according to a safety advisory bulletin released July 5 by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Motorcoaches traveling at high speeds in extremely hot temperatures place increased strain on tires, which may overheat and fail if overloaded, FMCSA cautioned. The agency stated that recent investigations have identified double-deck buses near or at the maximum limits of passengers and luggage as particularly susceptible to surpassing tire load weight ratings, and called for carriers of these vehicles to take action.

Motor carriers and vehicles that violate tire load restrictions may be declared an imminent hazard and placed out of service immediately, FMCSA warned.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on June 28 recommended consumer motorists check their tire pressure and properly maintain their tires before driving during hot temperatures.