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House, Senate committees reach agreement on OSHA FY 14 budget

Washington – OSHA’s budget for the current fiscal year could be $552.3 million, according to an appropriations agreement between the Republican-controlled House and Democrat-controlled Senate.

Under funding in the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2014, OSHA would receive about an $11 million decrease from its FY 2013 budget of $563.7. However, automatic budget cuts known as sequestration enacted last March reduced OSHA’s FY 2013 budget to $535.3 million, making the FY 2014 funding agreement a $17 million increase.

The House and Senate appropriations committees reached the agreement Jan. 14 and, at press time, the bill was expected to be considered this week by the full chambers.

UPDATE: The full House passed the bill Jan. 15. It now awaits a vote in the Senate.