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NTSB announces ‘Most Wanted’ list for 2014

Washington – Four areas of concern have made their first appearance on the National Transportation Safety Board’s 2014 "Most Wanted" list of transportation safety priorities, announced Jan. 16.

Rail mass transit safety and passenger vessel safety – two of the new categories – were added in response to rail and vessel incidents NTSB investigated in 2013. These included a passenger vessel crashing into a New York City pier in January, injuring 84 people, and a Bay Area Rapid Transit train fatally striking two roadway workers in October. NTSB attributed poor safety management and culture to both incidents and other transit crashes in 2013.

The board also added helicopter operations to the list, stating that helicopter pilots need better training for adverse weather and must be given duty-time limits to help reduce fatigued flying.

The last new category is occupant protection in various modes of commercial and consumer transportation.

The remaining six categories have appeared on previous lists: