Keith Howard

Former associate editor


A heavy problem

Lead standards must be updated to keep workers safe, experts say
Scientific reports over the past three decades have identified lead as a health hazard. Elevated blood-lead levels have been associated with adverse effects on kidney, nervous system, reproductive and cardiovascular functions. At very high levels, long-term exposure to lead can cause seizures, coma and death.
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Keep safety in mind when working outdoors

Tips to help workers avoid venomous snakes, poisonous plants and insects that sting
Outdoor workers can be exposed to various hazards – including poisonous plants, stinging insects and venomous snakes – that can cause health problems ranging from slight discomfort to a serious allergic reaction. Experts offer advice on to help keep these workers safe.
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A safe climb

20 steps for portable ladder use
Workers at jobsites across the country travel up and down ladders – some as tall as 60 feet – every day. Although many types of hazards contribute to ladder falls, one constant remains: a single fall from a ladder can have a serious impact on a worker’s life. Safety+Health offers 20 steps to help keep workers safe on and around ladders.
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Near misses -- Everybody gets to go home 500

'Everybody gets to go home in one piece'

How reporting close calls can prevent future incidents
While running up a flight of stairs on an icy morning, merging from one lane to another during rush hour or sliding centimeters past an open file cabinet at the office, every day we narrowly avoid incidents that could result in a serious injury. When these incidents take place on the job, it can serve as a warning that a serious incident is waiting to happen.
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