Articles by Ashley Johnson

Safety ethics

Black and white? Or shades of gray?
Safety professionals must balance different priorities when making decisions in the workplace, and experts note that complications can arise when personal, professional and organizational values come into conflict.
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Missing the 'bigger picture'

New findings claim industry overlooked broad safety hazards in favor of injury data in Deepwater Horizon explosion
The Chemical Safety Board is calling on the oil and gas industry to develop process safety indicators after investigators determined that BP and Transocean overemphasized personal safety metrics and missed critical risks prior to the April 2010 Deepwater Horizon explosion.
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Taking a toll

The physical nature of construction work is having an impact on the industry’s workers, many of whom are in their 40s
With the average construction worker now in his or her 40s, experts say coming up with ways to help prevent injuries among aging workers will benefit both individuals and the industry as a whole.
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Job Outlook 2012

Safety professionals say they need leadership and communication skills to succeed, in addition to technical know-how
With NIOSH predicting continued demand for occupational safety services, what additional skills should safety professionals master to gain or maintain an edge? Safety+Health magazine's 2012 Job Outlook survey shows communication and leadership top the list.
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Zero tolerance

Stopping violence against nurses
While progress has been made in protecting nurses and nursing aides from needlesticks and musculoskeletal injuries, some nursing advocates say many hospitals lack effective policies to address verbal and physical abuse.
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Old worker photo
Were Herbert William Heinrich’s theories valid? Do they still matter?

Examining the foundation

Were Heinrich’s theories valid, and do they still matter?
Safety professionals generally agree that Herbert William Heinrich had a significant impact on the practice of safety, but whether his influence was positive or negative remains a subject of debate.
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