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Lockout-Tagout 2020: A Look at the Future of Lockout-Tagout Solutions


12/11/13 12:00 pm CDT

Event Description

Watch the archived presentation below.


This webinar will expose the existing state of lockout-tagout in the industry by revealing startling statistics not commonly known relating to the perception of lockout-tagout from hundreds of different companies from various industries.

Next, the topics will shift to what is "cutting edge" today with the latest tools, trainings and techniques to explore ways to boost efficiency of a lockout-tagout system while simultaneously actually improving safety.

Lastly, we will look at where lockout-tagout is going over the next decade to help give you a window into how that might affect your company in positive ways. From there, we'll wrap it up with a quick summary of how companies can set up their current lockout-tagout programs to be "future proof" with lockout-tagout and even improve their existing systems with quick tips that won't break the bank.

Topics covered:

  • Where lockout-tagout is today in regard to fines, perception and challenges
  • Basic elements that every lockout-tagout program needs
  • Revealing what is "cutting edge" for lockout-tagout and available today
  • Taking a look forward to where lockout-tagout solutions are headed in the next decade and beyond
  • How to set your company up to be "future proof" with lockout-tagout
  • Key ways to identify easy (and cost-effective) ways to improve your existing lockout-tagout system


Jimi Michalscheck, CEO, ESC Services, Inc.

Jimi Michalscheck is the CEO and co-founder of ESC Services, Inc., a Wisconsin corporation. Michalscheck has a mechanical engineering background and has been serving major industry with innovative lockout-tagout solutions since 1999.

Michalscheck has personally managed graphical lockout-tagout procedure service projects for large organizations such as GSK, the Pentagon, Honda, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Kaiser Permanente Hospitals, Dupont, USAF, Coors, CSX Railroad, Smiths Aerospace and many others.

As CEO, Michalscheck leads ESC on a global mission to help companies eradicate workplace accidents related to servicing machinery through education and custom-developed fully graphical energy-control procedures. ESC continues on an upward growth curve exceeding 50 percent annual growth earning a spot of 1,336 on the Inc. 5000 and is now the largest provider of lockout-tagout services in the world.


Kyle W. Morrison, Safety+Health magazine

Kyle W. Morrison, senior associate editor, covers occupational safety and workplace safety regulation for Safety+Health magazine. He moderated the session.