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Control hazardous energy: 6 steps

Simply put, “lockout/tagout is a safety procedure used to make sure equipment and machines are properly shut off and not able to start during maintenance or repair work,” the Texas Department of Insurance says. “This is known as controlling hazardous energy.”
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NIOSH to employers: Are you inspecting your lockout/tagout procedures?

Washington — Pointing to OSHA guidance citing “the significant risks associated with inadequate energy control procedures or the failure to properly implement them,” NIOSH is reminding employers that OSHA’s standard on lockout/tagout (1910.147) requires an inspection of written hazardous energy control procedures at least once a year.
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Universal valve lockout

The ABUS V500 valve lockout is constructed with metal housing to endure harsh settings. The valve creates a mounting point on the handle that is secured against a counterpoint using a cable lockout.
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Universal ball valve lockout

The V500 Universal Ball Valve Lockout – created to fit virtually any valve handle size and shape – has an ergonomically shaped rotary handle so the size of the device can be adjusted for lockout purposes.
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Circuit breaker lockout device

Available now in S3821, S3822 and S3823 models, Grip Tight Plus Circuit Breaker Lockout Devices allow workers to reliably lock out an even greater range of circuit breaker applications, including on multi-pole breakers, most tie-bar toggle breakers, and molded case or oversized breakers up to 600 volts.
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Lockout-Tagout 2020: A Look at the Future of Lockout-Tagout Solutions

12/11/13 12:00 pm CDT

This webinar will expose the existing state of lockout-tagout in the industry by revealing startling statistics not commonly known relating to the perception of lockout-tagout from hundreds of different companies from various industries.

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