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Safety cabinets

PIG Flammable Safety Cabinets feature fully MIG-welded 14- and 18-gauge steel 
construction and superior door faces designed to survive decades of industrial use.
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Carpeted entrance mat

The PIG Grippy Carpeted Entrance Mat is a stylish solution to risky and outdated rubber-backed entrance mats that shift, slide and create tripping hazards.
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Spill kit in a bag

The Forklift Spill Kit in a Bag is specifically designed to be strapped to a forklift truck or tow motor to provide a first line of defense against spills.
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Mildew-resistant absorbent sock

Unlike cellulose-filled absorbent socks, the PIG Mildew-Resistant Absorbent Sock’s 100 percent polypropylene skin and filler resist the growth of mildew that can sometimes be created in socks that are deployed for long time spans.
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Spill kit

Packaged in a tough, grime-hiding container, the PIG Fuel Station Spill Kit in an Overpack is filled with absorbents specifically made for gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and kerosene spills – without taking in a drop of water.
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Liquid absorbent

PIG Absorb-&-Lock Liquid Solidification Absorbent stabilizes and solidifies excess liquids that separate out from industrial liquids in drums, bulk storage tanks, roll-offs and other containers before shipping and disposal.
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