Jennifer Yario

Managing Editor


Trends in ... head protection

Putting on a hard hat or safety helmet before starting work on a jobsite seems like it should be second nature to workers, but “head injuries continue to be one of the most frequent injuries on the job,” said Zach Richman, group product manager of personal protective equipment at Milwaukee Tool.
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Trends in ... hand protection

‘Not all gloves are created equal’
The first lesson in buying gloves? “You get what you pay for,” answers Jeff Cohen, director of product management for hand and arm protection at Protective Industrial Products. “Not all gloves are created equal.
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Trends in ... heat protection

‘Heat illness is 100% preventable’
“Severe heat illness can be devastating to a worker’s health, and there’s no reason it has to happen to anyone on the job,” says Adrianna Carrera, product management specialist for Magid. “The most important point is that heat illness is 100% preventable.”
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Trends in ... ladders

‘Ladder safety is everyone’s job’
OSHA’s standard on ladders (1926.1053) rounded out the top five of the agency’s annual Top 10 list of most cited standards for fiscal year 2020. Violations of the standard totaled 2,129. In FY 2019, the standard drew 2,766 violations.
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