Jennifer Yario

Managing Editor


Trends in ... tool tethers

When dropped from height, even small objects such as hand tools can cause serious injuries to workers below. So how can these injuries be prevented? Experts from several leading safety product manufacturers told Safety+Health that tethering systems should be part of employers’ work-at-height programs.
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Eat the rainbow

Eat the rainbow

Colorful fruits and vegetables = a healthier you
Different colors of fruits and vegetables have specific health benefits. By including a variety of them on your plate – called “eating the rainbow” – you can make sure you’re getting the illness-fighting nutrients you need to help your body function at its best.
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Trends in ... fall protection

‘More than installing a guardrail’
It’s been nine years since the Fall Protection – General Requirements Standard (1926.501) moved to No. 1 on OSHA’s Top 10 list of most cited violations, knocking off the previous top-spot holder, Scaffolding (1926.451). And it has stayed in the top slot ever since. Why? Experts who spoke with Safety+Health had some thoughts to share on the subject.
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Trends in ... women’s PPE

‘One size doesn’t fit all’
Personal protective equipment for women should be based on women’s sizes – not men’s. Why is this important? Because PPE that doesn’t fit correctly won’t adequately protect female workers.
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Trends in ... eyewashes/showers

Regular testing is key
For workers who are exposed to chemicals or other hazardous substances at work, the importance of emergency eye/facewashes and showers can’t be overstated. But to prevent injuries – and even save lives – that equipment need to be fully functional. That’s where testing comes in.
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Trends in ... spills/absorbents

What’s your baseline spill risk?
Oils, chemicals and water are just some of the substances that spill and lead to worker injury. Here’s what Chris Iuzzolino, director of product operations at New Pig, and Bobby D. Ennis, SPC commercial business leader for Brady Corp., had to say about containing and absorbing workplace spills.
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