Jennifer Yario

Managing Editor


Trends in ... housekeeping

Identify unsafe conditions and provide solutions
Housekeeping encompasses many different elements of workplace safety, including controlling and eliminating combustible dust; preventing slips, trips and falls; and following fire safety best practices.
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Trends in ... eye and face protection

Updates and improvements
What’s new in eye and face protection? What do workers and safety pros need to know? To find out, Safety+Health talked with Brittany Cohen, product marketing manager at Magid; Claudio Dente, president and co-founder of Dentec Safety Specialists Inc.; and Zach Richman, director of product marketing, PPE, at Milwaukee Tool.
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Trends in ... eyewashes and showers

‘The safest possible environment’
When a workplace emergency occurs, “safety equipment must work properly when called upon,” says Ryan Pfund, senior product manager for Menomonee Falls, WI-based Bradley Corp. Eyewashes and safety showers are an integral part of a facility’s emergency response plan. What can employers do to ensure these products are in proper working order for workers?
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Trends in ... spill containment

It pays to be proactive about workplace spills. “It’s incredibly important to think about spill response before a spill event happens,” said Josh Hollows, product support specialist at New Pig. “As a rule, always make sure you have spill materials within 20 feet of work centers and spill prone areas to ensure rapid cleanup while limiting risks to workers and the environment.
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Trends in ... drug testing

‘The primary goal of workplace drug testing is deterrence’
To Nina M. French, “understanding that deterrence is the primary goal provides employers with a ruler by which they can measure the goals of a successful workplace drug testing program.”
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