Jennifer Yario

Managing Editor



Trends in ... disinfectants and cleaners

Limiting the spread of germs in the workplace
As workers return to the physical workplace amid the COVID-19 pandemic, reducing the spread of illness will be top of mind for many. Using hand sanitizer is one strategy that will cut the risk. How can it help? To find out, Safety+Health spoke with Brandon Jones, vice president of sales and marketing at Kutol Products. Here’s what he had to say.
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Trends in ... fall protection

One expert weighs in
Preliminary data from OSHA shows that violations of its standard on fall protection – general requirements (1926.501) tops the agency’s Top 10 list of most cited standards for fiscal year 2021. It’s the 11th consecutive year the standard has been in the No. 1 spot.
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Trends in ... head protection

Putting on a hard hat or safety helmet before starting work on a jobsite seems like it should be second nature to workers, but “head injuries continue to be one of the most frequent injuries on the job,” said Zach Richman, group product manager of personal protective equipment at Milwaukee Tool.
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