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This line of 33 NRR hearing protection features six styles with PowerSoft foam technology, a proprietary polyurethane foam formulation that expands evenly inside the ear.

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Reusable corded earplugs

With an NRR of 27, E2 Reusable Earplugs keep ears safe and sound, use after use. The plug’s flexible triple-flange design ensures a multisurface seal across a wide range of ear canal sizes.

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Banded ear plugs

These Banded Ear Plugs feature an adaptable design for three-point wear, allowing users to set the band above their head, below their chin or behind their neck.

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Earplug dispenser

The FPD-500L is a refillable dispenser that arrives prefilled with 500 pairs of foam earplugs. It can be quickly placed on a counter or mounted on a wall in high-traffic areas.
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Earplug fitting

Poorly fitting earplugs are a major cause of inadequate hearing protection for workers.
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Electronic earplugs

Shothunt Electronic Earplugs’ P2i Aridion nanotechnology provides total protection for the electronic components against water, moisture, sweat and other corrosive elements.
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Foam earplugs

FirmFit Earplugs feature a softer, more comfortable fit and better noise protection than most leading classic-style foam earplugs.
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