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Editor’s Note: Wherever you call home

Last year I made a decision to move from the Midwest – where I’ve lived my entire life – to the Deep South. When I told family, friends and co-workers that, after much thought, I was going to take a chance and try life in a new state, a common response was, “You’re so lucky to be moving where it’s warm!” And then in December, while I was still unpacking boxes in my new home, the polar vortex that struck the Midwest made its way to my area, bringing bone-chilling temperatures.
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Frostbite: Do’s and don’ts

“Even skin that is protected can be subject to frostbite,” the National Safety Council says. Signs of frostbite include skin that looks red, white, bluish-white, grayish-yellow, purplish, brown or ashen, depending on the severity of the condition and the person’s skin color. The affected area may feel numb as well. The condition can affect the fingers, toes, ears and face.
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Keep indoor workers safe from cold temperatures, too

“Workers – both indoors and outdoors – in services, transportation, agriculture, construction and other industries may be exposed to environmental cold stress that can lead to thermal discomfort, and in some cases even severe injuries, illnesses or death,” NIOSH warns.
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Safe use of snowblowers

You wake up to find Mother Nature has dumped a foot of snow on your driveway. Time to bring out the snowblower! Before you do, let’s review some safety tips.
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Winterize your home

Fall is the perfect time to get your home ready for winter weather. By taking steps now, you’ll be able to stay snug and warm indoors by the time the first flurry flies. Here’s what to do.
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