Working in the cold

Stay safe when temperatures drop
A spike in lost-time injuries and illnesses resulting from “environmental cold” suggests a lack of understanding of cold stress and how to avoid related injuries.
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You’re not alone
Feeling sad or unhappy at times is normal – especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of us are doing our best to cope with anxiety and isolation. But at what point does that sadness progress into depression?
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On the Safe Side

On the Safe Side podcast Episode 9: Powered industrial trucks

A discussion with National Safety Council safety experts on the hazards of powered industrial trucks, and the benefits of contact tracing at workplaces
In Episode 9, the Safety+Health team discusses the hazards involved with powered industrial trucks with National Safety Council workplace safety experts JoAnn Dankert and David Consider. Also, the team shares details about contact tracing on the job and why it’s an important thing for employers to do amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
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On the Safe Side

On the Safe Side podcast episode 8: Hearing loss prevention in the workplace

A discussion with a NIOSH expert on preventing hearing loss, and the safety implications of diversity, equity and inclusion
In Episode 8, the Safety+Health team discusses the importance of hearing loss prevention efforts in the workplace with Thais Morata, a NIOSH research audiologist. Also, we talk about the safety and health impacts of diversity, equity and inclusion on workers.
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Safety on the loading dock

A look at the hazards – and how to mitigate them
In 2018, nearly 6,600 employees missed work because of injuries sustained on loading docks, dock plates and ramps. Employers can implement a number of safety strategies to help prevent injuries.
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