Safety on the loading dock

A look at the hazards – and how to mitigate them
In 2018, nearly 6,600 employees missed work because of injuries sustained on loading docks, dock plates and ramps. Employers can implement a number of safety strategies to help prevent injuries.
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On the Safe Side

On the Safe Side podcast episode 6: The value of soft skills

How strong soft skills can benefit your career, and a chat with safety guru Linda Martin
In Episode 6, the Safety+Health team examines soft skills, including what they are, how they differ from other job-related skills and how they can benefit a safety professional’s career. Also, Linda Martin, a recipient of the National Safety Council’s Marion Martin Award, discusses her work as an educator, earning a doctorate and sharing positivity on social media.
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Control Banding

A look at control banding

Typically used to protect workers from chemicals, the process has potential use in other areas
Typically used to protect workers from chemicals that don’t have occupational exposure limits, control banding may have uses in other areas, such as construction and nanomaterials, experts say.
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