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Trends in ... ladders and lifts

Select the correct equipment for the job
March is National Ladder Safety Month. What, at the core, is ladder safety? “Ladder safety is based on selecting the correct ladder for the job and using it as instructed by the on-product labels,” said Mike Van Bree, vice president of the Chicago-based American Ladder Institute and director of product safety and engineering at Louisville Ladder in Louisville, KY.
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Ladder safety: The basics

“Ladders are tools,” the American Ladder Institute says. “Many of the basic safety rules that apply to most tools also apply to the safe use of a ladder.”
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American Ladder Institute

The American Ladder Institute, a Chicago-based non-profit association of industry leaders dedicated to promoting safe ladder use, has declared March 2017 “National Ladder Safety Month” to heighten awareness and promote safe use by homeowners and working professionals.
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