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Preparing for water leaks

How can I properly prepare my workers and facility for a water leak?
Sometimes you don’t know your roof has sprung a leak until a rain or snowstorm hits. It’s an unwelcome surprise, but having the right tools on hand to stop leaks will help you keep your business rolling.
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Absorbent mat

The XSMB Mat is an industry standard absorbent mat featuring a sticky backing that helps keep the matting in place and allows for easy removal or replacement when no longer needed.
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Reusable oil-absorbent products

SorbIts Reusable Oil Absorbent products are the waste-free alternative to traditional, single-use oil absorbents that help prevent slips and falls from vagrant synthetic oils, hydraulic fluids, solvents and other nonhazardous process fluids.
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Granular absorbents

Safe, lightweight and 100 percent natural, SpillFix Granular Absorbents are effective even for hard-to-contain liquids such as oils and hydrocarbons.
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