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crock pot

Slow cooker food safety

Do you love the idea of a hot, comforting meal that’s easy to prepare? A slow cooker might be right for you. But before you try out recipes, let’s go over some basics about slow cooker food safety.
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fire safety

Electrical safety at home

Families have experienced a lot of togetherness the past couple of years. Adults working from home and kids learning remotely – and people of all ages watching TV and playing video games – means a large number of electronic devices need to be plugged in or charged.
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Stay on top of shoveling

A neighborhood blanketed with freshly fallen snow can be a beautiful sight. But for safety’s sake, your driveway and sidewalks will have to be cleared. Time to grab the shovel!
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DIY safety

Things to know before your next home improvement project
Do you have a home improvement project you plan to tackle yourself? Whether you’re a seasoned do-it-yourselfer or a relative newbie, getting the job done properly requires a pre-project safety plan. So, before you get started, check out these expert tips for making sure your DIY project is injury-free.
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