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Portable safety shower

Suitable for temporary use and capable of delivering a constant flow of water for 90 seconds, this self-contained safety shower with eye/facewash holds 30 gallons of water for use in responding to potential injuries.
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Emergency signaling systems

Customized Emergency Signaling Systems help to quickly alert and mobilize emergency response teams to affected personnel who are using emergency safety showers and eye and eye/facewash fixtures, while discouraging vandalism that impairs the performance of emergency fixtures.
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Eyewash and shower system kit

This eyewash and shower system kit modifies outdated Haws and ineffective competitive units, thereby improving functionality with advanced AXION MSR technology.
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Sellstrom -- PF Aug 2013

Eyewash station

Ideal for situations in which a continuous supply of potable water is not available, the Gravit-Eye 16-Gallon Eyewash Station uses gravity to deliver water through dual-spray heads.
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