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Smart hard hat

The HC1 Communicator is an intrinsically safe hard hat. It provides sensor-based contextual awareness of the surroundings; multimodal, real-time positioning and proximity detection; comprehensive audio-visual telecommunications; peripheral connectivity; and multiple wireless backhaul options, with an ergonomic and user-friendly interface.
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Honeywell hard hat recall

Honeywell issues hard hat recall

Smithfield, RI — Honeywell Safety Products has issued a voluntary recall of approximately 82,500 hard hats, stating that the equipment may provide insufficient protection from impact and put wearers at risk of head injury.
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Hard hats: Know the facts

A construction worker removes his hard hat because he is too warm. An engineer refuses to wear head protection, as she has “never been hurt before.” A utility worker thinks hard hats make him look silly and removes his every chance he gets.
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Head protection

Built with injection-molded fiberglass, the Roughneck P1A from Fibre-Metal offers heavy-duty head protection featuring our patented SuperEight suspension and a full-brim design for added protection and comfort.
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Hard hat

Designed with a wide profile and brim, the Classic C30 Hard Hat provides enhanced ventilation; increased protection from the sun, rain, snow and dust; and greater comfort for outdoor workers.
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