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Trends in ... women's PPE

Outfitting the entire workforce

Historically, PPE has been designed with a man’s body size and shape in mind. But when Safety+Health reached out to the International Safety Equipment Association regarding progress on designing personal protective equipment for women, manufacturers’ representatives were quick to respond.

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Folding earmuff

The compact 239 Foldable Earmuff is available in blue, black, blue digital camo and green camo, as well as pink and purple in the Girl Power at Work line.
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Wraparound safety eyewear

Ammo Eyewear features a wraparound design with a foam lining on interior lenses to provide protection against wind, airborne debris or small particles that can be hazardous to a worker’s vision.
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ERBSafety -- NP Aug 2013

Full-brim vented hard hat

The Americana Full Brim Vent hard hat offers protection from falling or glancing objects with additional cooling comfort from the vents on the top of the hat, which circulate air and cool wearers.
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