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Help employees eat healthy at workplace events

Rewarding employees with pizza may be a popular way to celebrate a workplace success, but it isn’t exactly the healthiest choice. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says employers should “encourage healthier food and beverage choices at workplace meetings, conferences, parties and other events.”
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Second job may increase safety and health risks

Hopkinton, MA – People who work two or more jobs may be at an increased risk for fatigue and injury, according to a study from the Center for Injury Epidemiology at the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety.
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Researchers target sedentary behavior in the workplace
Desk jobs might be considered safe by the general public, but a growing body of research suggests that all that time spent sitting – in front of a computer, in meetings, even driving to and from work – may be harmful to your health. Experts are targeting workplace behavior and design to help reduce sitting time.
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