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Hazard at workplace, hazard examples

7 common workplace safety hazards

National Safety Council consultants identify what they see repeatedly when auditing worksites
Members of the National Safety Council Consulting Services Group travel across the country – and the world – to visit worksites and conduct safety audits. They share with Safety+Health seven hazards they frequently spot, and offer advice on preventing them.
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OSHA Roundup for April 4, 2016

Congress questions whether OSHA is ignoring lawmakers in its enforcement stance on hazardous chemicals, and floats the idea of letting some violators of certain safety and health rules off the hook. Find out the details of these stories and more in this week’s OSHA Roundup.
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workers' comp

Workers' comp 'option' under fire

Oklahoma’s controversial law on opt-out plans is ruled unconstitutional, but the final word is yet to come
An Oklahoma law allowing employers the option to “opt out” of traditional workers’ compensation was ruled unconstitutional. But the fight is far from over, and a decision in the state’s Supreme Court could set a precedent for the rest of the nation.
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Tower climbers

'You can't subcontract safety'

OSHA, FCC host workshop on tower climbers
Deaths among communication tower workers have increased, prompting OSHA to ask for input on how to reverse the trend. A recent workshop hosted by OSHA and the Federal Communications Commission explored best practices for keeping climbers safe.
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