Forklifts: Safe Operation and Training

Forklifts: Safe Operation and Training

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This newly updated white paper includes valuable safety and compliance tips from J. J. Keller experts on important forklift topics such as equipment design, modifications/additions, operator training and more.
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New to the job

A larger number of inexperienced workers can create challenges for safety pros
As employers struggle to fill open positions, many are turning to inexperienced workers. This presents an added challenge for safety professionals: a larger number of workers who aren’t familiar with the risks and hazards related to their new role.
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Control hazardous energy: 6 steps

Simply put, “lockout/tagout is a safety procedure used to make sure equipment and machines are properly shut off and not able to start during maintenance or repair work,” the Texas Department of Insurance says. “This is known as controlling hazardous energy.”
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Hazcom training

How employers can help their workers – and themselves
In recent years, Hazard Communication has been OSHA’s most frequently cited standard in general industry. Where are employers going wrong?
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