Warehouse safety



Neck bander with clear safety door

The Pharmafill NB1 neck bander features a clear safety door to protect workers from contact with the operating mechanism and allow constant visual monitoring, while safeguarding the shrink bands and machine internals from contamination.
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Floor runner

The low-profile PIG Carpet Protection Floor Runner with Adhesive Backing is designed to protect carpet from dirt, stains and wear in high-traffic areas, keeping new carpet clean and extending the life of existing carpet.
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Floor tape bundle

PathFinder Crosswalks are easy-to-install premade walkway bundles designed to protect pedestrians from forklift, equipment and automation traffic.
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Traction aid

TRACTION UP is a revolutionary topical coating application that increases slip resistance on most hard, smooth floor surfaces when wet.
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Wheel guards

Path Pro Wheel Guards safely and economically clear cords and other obstructions from wheels’ paths, resulting in safer, smoother processes.
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Explosion-proof axial fan

The CVF-12EXP 12-inch certified explosion-proof axial fan is a rugged, lightweight conductive polyethylene fan designed to accommodate demanding jobsite conditions in hazardous locations.
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