Warehouse safety



Rolling scaffold

The Multi-Purpose Pro Scaffold can reach up to 18 feet with its stackable sections and features swiveling, heavy-duty casters that can maneuver on unfinished floors.
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Curtain walls

These insulated fabric curtain walls go up quickly and easily – usually without permitting required. Less expensive than permanent walls, the modular soft walls can be taken down or moved when needs change.
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AI platform

The 3DNeuroNET Engine’s AI-based platform allows employers to assess the physical movements of their workers, and provides insights “through easy-to-assess outcomes and form factors.”
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Utility knife

The Slice Auto-Retractable Squeeze-Trigger Utility Knife is integrated with a proprietary finger-friendly blade that’s designed to be safe to the touch.
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This high-output fan is designed to withstand tough working conditions in industrial settings and warehouses. It’s built for high-velocity performance, superior distance of air throw and quiet operation.
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Safety knife

The SK-16 Quick Change Concealed Blade Safety Knife comes preloaded with a premium stainless-steel replaceable blade head that has a cutting depth of 0.39 inches.
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Employee safety monitoring

This emergency safety monitoring system is an all-in-one safety solution for employers to help keep their lone workers safe and connected to immediate support when in danger. The timed monitoring sessions will automatically alert a 24/7 response team while simultaneously notifying law enforcement if an employee is unable to confirm their safety before the timed session expires.
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Jobsite fan

The M12 Mounting Fan is a 12-volt jobsite fan that delivers 18-volt air performance. This personal air movement solution creates a more comfortable working environment and can adapt to various situations.
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Safety barriers

This series of high-performance polymer safety barriers provides enhanced impact protection. The series features rack end barriers, low-level bumper barriers, pedestrian barriers, pedestrian bumper barriers, floor-level barriers and heavy-duty safety bollards.
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Elevated work platform

These custom configured elevating work platforms provide workers with a safe, stable platform that can be positioned at heights of just a few inches to several feet. They are also well suited for picking items from the multiple levels of a horizontal carousel.
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