Warehouse safety



Employee safety monitoring

This emergency safety monitoring system is an all-in-one safety solution for employers to help keep their lone workers safe and connected to immediate support when in danger. The timed monitoring sessions will automatically alert a 24/7 response team while simultaneously notifying law enforcement if an employee is unable to confirm their safety before the timed session expires.
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Jobsite fan

The M12 Mounting Fan is a 12-volt jobsite fan that delivers 18-volt air performance. This personal air movement solution creates a more comfortable working environment and can adapt to various situations.
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Safety barriers

This series of high-performance polymer safety barriers provides enhanced impact protection. The series features rack end barriers, low-level bumper barriers, pedestrian barriers, pedestrian bumper barriers, floor-level barriers and heavy-duty safety bollards.
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Elevated work platform

These custom configured elevating work platforms provide workers with a safe, stable platform that can be positioned at heights of just a few inches to several feet. They are also well suited for picking items from the multiple levels of a horizontal carousel.
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Collision avoidance system

Advanced is a proven telematics system to help fleet owners manage access to equipment via radio-frequency identification or a personal identification number. Only trained operators can log in to the equipment. Once logged in, a safety checklist is presented and must be completed to use the equipment.
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Machine safeguarding audit system

The Machine Safeguarding Annual Verification Audit service verifies safeguarded equipment is being used as designed. The primary evaluation criteria are visual inspection and function testing of safeguarding, controls, disconnects, motor starters and properly applied mechanical power transmission apparatus covers.
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Loading dock safety system

The Smooth Transition Dok System is designed to protect workers from chronic injuries. The Constant Radius Rear Hinge provides a seamless ride between the leveler deck and rear weldment by reducing the gap and keeping the space consistent.
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Anti-slip coating

HEAVYDUTY 20 is an OSHA-compliant anti-slip coating that provides high traction and durability for industrial areas. This eco-friendly, two-component epoxy system contains 100% solids – with no solvents or volatile organic compounds – and polymer grit to give the coating long-lasting added traction.
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Interior roll-up door

The RR200 UltraSeal Interior Roll Up Door is ideal for applications in which space is limited. The door’s gravity-driven technology helps optimize production processes, while its patented bead design creates a superior seal that minimizes indoor dirt and contaminants.
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Safety gate

The Rack Supported Roly pallet-flow safety gate uses dual, counter-balanced gates to secure the ledge and keep employees out of the flow lanes while the lane is being replenished with pallets.
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