Product Focus: Instruments/Monitors

May 2014



Universal gas detector

The Meridian Universal Gas Detector is designed to support a full range of toxic and combustible sensors, including Scott’s standard and Rock Solid electrochemical, catalytic bead, infrared and metal oxide semiconductor sensors for H2S detection.

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Indoor air quality monitor

The IAQPoint2 is an indoor air quality monitor distinguished by touchscreen user operation and single-unit monitoring of three IAQ parameters (CO2 or volatile organic compounds, temperature, and humidity).

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Dosimeter tube system

The Gastec dosimeter tube system delivers on-the-spot, time-weighted-average monitoring of air contaminants.
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Single-gas monitor

The Tango TX1 single-gas monitor features a three-year run time and DualSense Technology that increases worker safety – regardless of bump-test frequency – while reducing overall maintenance costs.
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Gas detector line

The ALTAIR 2X line of gas detectors features the first one- or two-gas detector that incorporates industry-leading XCell Sensor technology.
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Multi-sensor atmospheric monitor

The G460 multi-sensor atmospheric monitor features completely automatic calibration, one-button operation, top-mounted display and interchangeable battery packs.
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Gas monitor

The X-am 2500 gas monitor accurately detects O2, CO, NO2, SO2 and H2S, and is the only 1-4 gas monitor you need in industrial, mining and refinery applications.

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Safety monitoring device

The Loner Safety Monitoring Device provides instant emergency alerting accompanied by real-time location information, allowing organizations to exceed worker safety regulations.
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