Product Focus: Safety tools/knives

December 2015


Trends in ... safety tools and knives

Proper training ‘cannot be emphasized enough’
The headlamp on a worker’s hard hat. The lanyard that prevents tools from dropping. The safety blade that smoothly slices through cellophane. These safety tools and knives – and countless more – not only help keep work processes running efficiently, they also help keep employees safe. Here, manufacturing industry professionals speak about what’s new in the field of safety tools and knives, and what workers need to know to stay safe.
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Retractable tool tether

Gear Keeper’s RT3-5605 Heavy-Tool Retractable Tether’s ultra-low profile keeps tools close to the body when stored, while still allowing complete accessibility when in use.
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Insulated electrician’s knives

Wiha Insulated Electrician’s Knives come in three styles, including the Insulated Electrician’s Cable Stripping Knife, Insulated Electrician’s Straight Cable Stripping Knife and Insulated Hooked Stripping Knife.
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Safety box cutters

The Smarty family of ceramic-blade safety box cutters features a longer 1-inch blade and durable glass-filled nylon ambidextrous handles.
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Safety knives

These knives have no exposed blades and only cut cardboard-deep – helping to protect employees against lacerations and save product.
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Tethered tool program

The Tools at Height Tethered Tool Program includes more than 1,000 tools designed for work being performed at height or anywhere dropped or lost tools are a concern.
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Safety cutters

Safety First System products help reduce employee cut injuries and minimize or eliminate damaged merchandise.
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Tool-tethering products

Ideal for employees working at height, the Squids 3780S/3780L Power Tool Trap securely wraps around the battery portion of drills, impact drivers and other cordless power tools while boasting a fully cast D-ring connection point to safely and easily attach a lanyard.
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