Product Focus: Protective clothing

January 2015



Insulated bomber jacket

The BP2CL3O 2-in-1 Insulated Bomber Jacket meets ANSI Class 3 standards and will help keep workers safe when high visibility is an important factor.
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Base layer

The CarbonX Ultimate Baselayer delivers the highest level of protection and comfort.
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Flak jacket

The Elements Flak Jacket features an innovative fusion of Polartec’s Wind Pro and patented HardFace FR fabrics.
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Protective apparel

KleenGuard A45 Liquid and Particle Protection Surface Prep and Paint Apparel is ideal for use in surface preparation and paint application areas where isocyanate and chromate dust protection is mandated.
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Field shirt

The Technical Field Shirt keeps outdoor workers protected from bugs and the sun due to EPA-registered insect-repellent technology that repels mosquitoes, ticks and other pesky bugs.
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Protective fabric

This 5.3-Ounce Fabric is the lightest solution-dyed FR fabric on the market with a CAT 2 protection rating. Every ounce of weight and every ounce of protection can make all the difference when a flash fire or arc flash occurs.
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Base layers

Proven on the track and ready for work, DRIFIRE Prime base layers have inherent FR protection and are rated Ebt 4.1 cal/cm2, CAT 1.
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