Product Focus: Head and face protection

September 2017


Trends in ... head/face protection

Matching the PPE to the hazard
Whether it’s a faceshield to protect a worker from a chemical splash or a welding helmet to block ultraviolet and infrared rays emitted from a welding arc, the importance of head and face protection cannot be overstated. Here, industry insiders discuss what’s new in head and face protection and the importance of using the correct personal protective equipment.
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The faceshield on the AS1200 has been upgraded to feature a premium polycarbonate lens to help improve worker safety by decreasing fogging and scratching.
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Hard hat liner

The 8200 Fireshield Thick N Thin Headliner offers permanent fire-resistant protection with a thin, lightweight hood that fits comfortably under hard hats and has a thick neck warmer to block the cold.
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Hard hat

Available as a full-brim or cap style, the North Zone Hard Hat is so comfortable, stable and lightweight your workers won’t want to take it off.
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Safety helmet

The Vented Serpent Safety Helmet offers all-day comfort and excellent ventilation combined with optimal head protection.
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Bump cap

Light up dark workspaces while protecting against cranial bumps and bruises with the Skullerz 8960 Bump Cap featuring LED technology.
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Hard hat for high temperatures

Engineered to withstand radiant heat loads up to 375° F, the Elevated Temperature Hard Hat H-700T is designed specifically for applications ranging from metalworking and smelting to glass manufacturing.
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