Product Focus: Plant safety

December 2017


Trends in ... plant safety

Keep safety a priority

Plant safety encompasses a wide range of products and equipment, including safety signs, lockout/tagout devices, loading dock safety equipment, spill kits and industrial vacuums. Here, industry insiders discuss new technologies and how workers can help avoid hazards in this wide-ranging field.

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Safety netting

The Existing Bollard Safety Net Package features safety rings that slide directly onto existing steel/cement bollards without the need for drilling or extra tools.
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Spill kit in a bag

The Forklift Spill Kit in a Bag is specifically designed to be strapped to a forklift truck or tow motor to provide a first line of defense against spills.
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Plant and warehouse signs’s selection of official OSHA-compliant plant and warehouse signs help alert staff to potential hazards, as well as the need for personal protective equipment and other safety concerns.
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