Eyewashes and Showers

August 2018


Trends in ... eyewashes and showers

Conduct inspections regularly
You’re at work and a chemical splashes in your eye. Your next move: Find the nearest eyewash station, which – if properly placed – should be within a 10-second walk from where the incident occurred, notes Isabel Ferreira, product marketing manager, first aid and eyewash, for Smithfield, RI-based Honeywell Industrial Safety.
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Emergency eyewash station

Kleen Eyes II is an emergency eyewash station that attaches directly to existing faucets and irrigates both eyes simultaneously with gentle streams of aerated water.
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Combination unit

Heat Trace Showers with Halo Technology provide safe and fast eyewash and emergency shower relief in the most extreme frigid environments.
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Real Eyewash is an FDA-approved eyewash that relieves irritation, discomfort, itching or burning.
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Personal eyewash

The Plum Duo Eye Wash features a dual eye piece that allows workers to keep both eyes open while two streams of solution flow from the inner eyes toward the outside to keep tear ducts free from further contamination.
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