Plant Safety

December 2018


Trends in ... plant safety

‘Keeping an injury-free facility’
Plant safety can mean a lot of different things: keeping a facility’s stairways slip-resistant and free of debris, or having audible warning systems for collision prevention. It can range from industrial vacuum cleaners to remove dust – reducing the potential for a dust explosion – to safety gates, safety signs and spill kits.
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Safety gate

The Defender Gate 10 has a test capacity of 13,500 pounds at 6.5 mph and exceeds the new OSHA spec 1910.28(b)(1).
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Spill kit

SpillFix SpillKits contain all you need for a spill cleanup on the go, including the world’s most absorbent boom sock to quickly arrest any spill migration, a 7-pound bag of SpillFix Industrial Organic Absorbent, safety glasses, a dustpan and broom, disposable gloves and trash bags, and Brady absorbent pads.
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OSHA-compliant signs

These official OSHA-compliant plant and warehouse signs help alert workers to potential hazards, as well as the need for personal protective equipment and other safety concerns.
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Anti-slip covers

The line of Hi-Traction Anti-Slip Covers for steps and walkways has been expanded to include Marine Grade, a heavy-duty aluminum base material that can be custom cut to fit your application with no fabrication charge.
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Pushing device

Enabling a single worker to maneuver 500 to 50,000 pounds with total control, the compact, electrically powered Power Pusher replaces large, expensive material-handling equipment.
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Safety tag roll

The RipTag Safety Tag Roll is a complete system for tagging hazardous areas in your facility to help keep employees safe.
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Safety cabinets

PIG Flammable Safety Cabinets feature fully MIG-welded 14- and 18-gauge steel 
construction and superior door faces designed to survive decades of industrial use.
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