Instruments and Monitors

May 2020


Trends in ... instruments and monitors

A better understanding
From gas detectors and noise dosimeters to refrigerant leak detectors, the field of instruments and monitors is broad. Here, Jeremy Majors, technical representative at Cedar Hill, TX-based Gas Clip Technologies, and Mark Heuchert, marketing manager, ADM, Region North America, for Houston-based Dräger Inc., discuss what’s new in the field, as well as what they wish employers and workers better understood about these devices.
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Gas detector

The ALTAIR io360 Gas Detector protects fence lines, confined spaces, high-risk areas and anywhere else a gas hazard might occur.
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Gas monitor

The RPB GX4 Gas Monitor detects up to four gases simultaneously, including carbon monoxide, oxygen and hydrogen sulfide. Air quality is displayed in real time with the on-unit display and through smart device and cloud integration capabilities.
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Multi-gas detector

The Multi Gas Clip Simple Plus is an ultradurable multi-gas detector that can operate continuously for three years without needing to be charged.
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Area monitor

The Radius BZ1 Area Monitor alerts workers about hazards with alarms that sound at 108 dB. The monitor shows workers what hazards are present without having to get too close, and wirelessly connects teams to view alarms and real-time gas readings from any other instrument on the network.
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Gas detector

The GTD-2000Ex is designed for the continuous detection of toxic gases and oxygen in areas that have potential for explosion.
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Refrigerant leak detector

The H-10 PRO is a highly responsive universal refrigerant leak detector that uses heated diode sensor technology. The detector is ultrasensitive to all halogen-based, non-flammable CFC, HFC and HCFC refrigerants for reliable use in a wide range of refrigerant leak detection applications.
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