Safety Ladders

May 2020


Trends in ... ladders

Follow the rules
Falls from portable ladders are one of the leading causes of workplace injuries and fatalities, according to OSHA. Safety+Health spoke with Dave Francis, national safety director at Springville, UT-based Little Giant Ladder Systems, about his thoughts on ladder safety
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The high-visibility green two-in-one Step and Leaning Cross Step Ladder’s advanced shape allows users to get 6 inches closer to their working space, reducing overreaching and risk of injury.
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Ladder securement device

Stop-a-Ladder keeps extension ladders securely in place on composite decking and polished concrete. Extension ladder slippage is a growing concern on composite decking, especially when wet. Stop-a-Ladder has slit cells on the bottom that create a secure “cling” to synthetic or smooth surfaces.
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Ladder aid

The Boxtown Team Carrier allows workers to carry ladders vertically or horizontally. The carrier can be used as a drill gun holster on the side of a ladder, or pack multiple 1-gallon cans or a 5-gallon can.
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Safety ladder

The King Kombo three-in-one combination ladder easily converts from a stepladder to extension and leaning configurations. It features a rotating wall pad for safe setup on inside and outside corners, walls and studs.
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