Eyewashes and Showers

August 2020


Trends in ... eyewashes/showers

Regular testing is key
For workers who are exposed to chemicals or other hazardous substances at work, the importance of emergency eye/facewashes and showers can’t be overstated. But to prevent injuries – and even save lives – that equipment need to be fully functional. That’s where testing comes in.
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Emergency signaling systems

Customized Emergency Signaling Systems help to quickly alert and mobilize emergency response teams to affected workers using emergency safety showers and eyewash and eye/facewash fixtures.

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Water supply station

The Therm-O-Mix Station instantly and continuously delivers an OSHA-compliant 80° F tepid water supply to emergency safety shower and combination face/eyewash stations using a facility’s existing steam and water supplies.

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Emergency eyewash station

Kleen Eyes II is an emergency eyewash station that attaches directly to existing faucets. The station irrigates both eyes simultaneously with gentle streams of aerated water.

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