COVID-19: Return to work

January 2021



Tracking scoreboards

Raise awareness of health and safety in the workplace and reduce the chance of the coronavirus spreading among employees, customers and visitors by tracking COVID-19-free days with the Digi-Day 3 Electronic Scoreboard or Write-A-Day Scoreboards.
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Nonflammable Defender Masks are designed to protect workers from exposure to thermal hazards and COVID-19.
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Contact tracing system

Instant-Trace is a highly accurate, easy-to-use contact tracing and social distancing system. Instant-Trace badges flash and vibrate when wearers are close to each other.
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Disposable glove

The 6110PF is a biodegradable, 4 mil, 9.5-inch-long nitrile disposable glove that delivers unmatched comfort, dexterity and performance across a range of applications.
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