Lighting and flashlights

March 2021


Trends in ... lighting and flashlights

When it comes to products being misused in the workplace, many people may not think of lighting-related items, but it’s happening and employers need to pay attention. Misuse “is probably the biggest issue employers and workers face” when it comes to workplace lighting and flashlights, says Dawn Dalldorf-Jackson, director of sales, industrial division, at Streamlight Inc.
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LED area light

The Air-Light EX is an explosion-proof, DC-powered LED area light with 5,000-lumen output. It comes with two light heads that can move independently in any direction.
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UV disinfection lighting

Helo is a fixed ultraviolet disinfection light designed to be installed on a ceiling or wall, or used as a portable unit. The fixture combines a highly transmissive polymer lens with a compact light engine.
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Dual-light headlamp

The DICATA USB XPR-5562GX Low-Profile Dual-Light Headlamp features a beam distance of 394 feet, with a spotlight that emits 275 lumens and a 250-lumen floodlight.
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Auto-dimming headlamp

The Petzl DUO S headlamp is a hands-free lighting solution that features FACE2FACE technology – an auto-dimming option that reduces the lumen output when multiple beams cross.
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