Heat protection

June 2021


Trends in ... heat protection

‘Heat illness is 100% preventable’
“Severe heat illness can be devastating to a worker’s health, and there’s no reason it has to happen to anyone on the job,” says Adrianna Carrera, product management specialist for Magid. “The most important point is that heat illness is 100% preventable.”
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Data dashboard

This data and analytics dashboard captures workers’ core body temperature, productivity and microclimates caused by clothing in hot and humid working conditions.
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Work hood

The Le Work Hood provides critical neck and ear protection from harmful ultraviolet rays. Made with 100% cotton, this comfortable and lightweight head covering can be worn as is or under hard hats and other headwear.
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Cooling T-shirts

Radians ST31 Cooling T-shirts feature Max-Dri moisture-wicking polyester, 40-plus UPF protection from the sun’s harmful rays and RADCOOL technology that self-activates when perspiration is present.
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Cooling gear

Magid Cool Powered by Mission is a chemical-free proprietary fabric that cools to 30 degrees below the average body temperature in less than 60 seconds, and stays cool for up to two hours.
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Cooling multiband

The Chill-Its 6489 is a two-layer cooling multiband designed to shield the face and neck from sun, dust and flying debris. When worn as a face covering, a nose clip along the top makes for a comfortable and secure fit while reducing distracting eyewear fogging.
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