Hearing Protection

February 2022


Trends in ... hearing protection

‘Every ear canal is different’
When it comes to hearing protection, “the technology itself hasn’t really changed in over 30 years,” said Matt Block, director of health and safety services for Magid. “We’re still using the same materials – polyurethane and PVC foams, PVC, silicone, etc.
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Foam earplugs

Evader foam earplugs are designed to fit comfortably in smaller ear canals. Easy to roll down and insert, they expand slowly for a low-pressure fit. Available uncorded (FP94) and corded (FP95), the bullet-shaped hypoallergenic earplugs feature a noise reduction rating of 33 and are packaged in polybags to keep each pair clean.
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Hearing protection

ISOtunes’ PRO Aware and LINK Aware (shown) feature Aware Technology, which uses omni-directional microphones that allow users to safely listen to the environment around them while blocking out harmful levels of sound.
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Earplug dispensers

These prefilled earplug dispensers feature a controlled release mechanism that helps ensure the right number of plugs are dispensed into the collection tray. The dispensers can be wall-mounted or placed on a tabletop, and have transparent cartridges that can be refilled.
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Banded earplugs

These banded earplugs have an adaptable design for three-point wear that allows users to set the band above their head, below their chin or behind their neck, depending on preference and application. They feature a noise reduction rating of up to 25 when in an over-the-head orientation to protect against hazardous jobsite noise.
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Reusable earplugs

Tri-Grip earplugs have a patented, three-sided stem that provides easier insertion and removal. Their unique, rigid stem design allows for a natural fit when inserting into the ear canal, without requiring harmful pushing or pressure.
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Honeywell VeriShield 100 Series Passive Earmuffs are 17% more adjustable than earlier versions and feature a large dimension range, so they comfortably fit a wide range of head sizes. The wide cup opening is ideal for workers who have larger ears or wear hearing aids.
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Disposable earplugs

With an noise reduction rating of 20, safeComm disposable earplugs are engineered with high-density, slow-expanding PU foam and strategically placed integrated channels in the middle of the earplug.
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The Chameleon Ear Modular Design hearing protector can be worn three ways. As a filtered earplug, the removable lanyard head is placed in the bottom port while the top port remains open, providing situational awareness.
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