Heat Protection

June 2022



Cooling gear

Magid Cool Powered by Mission is a chemical-free proprietary fabric that cools to 30 degrees below the average body temperature in less than 60 seconds, and stays cool for up to two hours. Users simply wet the fabric thoroughly with water, wring out excess water and then snap the fabric to activate the cooling properties.
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Hi-vis hat

The ANSI/ISEA 107-compliant Wide Brim Reflective Safari Hat is made from heavy-duty, hi-vis polyester fabric. It features an extra-wide brim (3 inches) to enhance sun protection and moisture-wicking fabric to keep sweat out of the wearer’s eyes.
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Neck shade

This hi-vis yellow/green cooling neck shade is constructed with mesh and proprietary cooling polymers in a multilayer construction to help quickly dissipate hot moisture from the body. An elastic band at the top fits around most hard hats – both cap style and full-brim style.
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Sun protection

The BOLT sun protection system allows users to secure accessories to Milwaukee head protection. The BOLT Sun Visor with Sunshade features 360-degree UV protection. A 50+ UPF rating blocks out 98% of UV radiation, while a tinted brim reduces glare and helps increase visibility.
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Cleaning and cooling towel

The Chill-Its 6604 Multi-Purpose Cleaning + Cooling Towel combines super-evaporative PVA around the neck with ultra-soft microfiber ends to provide a unique two-in-one solution for keeping workers cool and clean in the heat.
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Cooling T-shirts

Radians’ Class 2 and Class 3 Arctic Radwear cooling T-shirts feature RadCool technology that self-activates when workers perspire. The technology moves moisture away from the skin and circulates it through the fabric to keep workers cooler for longer.
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Sun shield

The HPSHADE30 is a hi-vis yellow hard hat brim with a neck shade that fits on the outside of cap-style and full-brim hard hats. It features soft and lightweight hi-vis material for comfort and greater visibility.
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Cooling vest

The “one size fits all” StaCool Industrial Vest is designed for workers in extreme heat environments. State-of-the-art cooling technology, combined with premium insulating materials, keeps workers cool for up to three hours.
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