Respiratory protection

April 2022


Trends in ... respiratory protection

‘Next-level comfort for workers’
The first rule of wearing a respirator? Get fit-tested. “To truly protect workers from onsite hazards, it is paramount they are properly fitted,” says Axel Reichert, general manager of respiratory personal protective equipment at Honeywell.
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Faceshield PAPR

The Miller Face Shield PAPR features an exclusive patent-pending Dualtec manifold system with six adjustable air vents and dual speeds, which allows users to customize their airflow and helps reduce dry eyes and nose.
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N95 respirators

The 300 Kimtech N95 Pouch Respirators and the 240 KleenGuard N95 Particulate Respirators: Pouch Style are NIOSH approved. The horizontal flat-fold respirators are made of lightweight materials, and their folded design allows for easy storage and portability.
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Combo face/respiratory protection

The Honeywell North Primair 900 (PA900) Series Headgear offers users an all-in-one eye, face, head and respiratory safety solution, as well as ANSI-certified and NIOSH-approved protection. The PAPR headgear is lighter and more comfortable for the wearer because of its ergonomic design.
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N95 respirator

The 4600 Series is a NIOSH-approved N95 respirator with a pleated filter that doubles the filter surface area. The “SmartStrap” is adjustable and allows the mask to hang loosely from the neck when not in use.
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Reusable N95 respirator

The NIOSH-approved Comfort-Air Nx (industrial) and Comfort-Air NxMD (health care) half-masks are designed without an exhalation valve for workers who change out their disposables often. These reusable masks provide an airtight seal and can be sanitized after heavy use.
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Modular PAPR

The PureFlo 3000 is a modular, lightweight powered air-purifying respirator that provides superior protection. An all-in-one respirator optimized for maximum mobility, the PureFlo 3000 integrates head, face, eye and hearing protection solutions for a range of industrial, pharmaceutical and health care environments.
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Powered air-purifying respirator

The GVS RPB PX5 PAPR is a robust and versatile powered air-purifying respirator designed and tested to provide high-quality protection across multiple industries. The PX5 removes up to 99.97% of particulates down to 0.12 microns and has a wide range of filters and cartridges available.
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Powered air-purifying respirator

The EVA powered air-purifying respirator offers wearers constant airflow in a compact, streamlined, lightweight, ergonomic form (with optional backpack) for added comfort. An RT-series hood provides a large viewing window with no suspension.
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Fit testing system

QuantiFit2 uses patented controlled negative pressure technology to perform quantitative respirator fit testing. The test uses only air and takes less than two minutes to complete. The instrument creates and maintains a negative pressure within the respirator facepiece and measures the exact amount of air that leaks in.
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