Hearing Protection

February 2023


Trends in ... hearing protection

Experts offer advice
According to NIOSH, 26 million workers are hearing-impaired – and 24% of these cases can be attributed to on-the-job noise. This is why “we continue to hear from employees having some degree of hearing impairment that they need devices that enable them to hear critical sounds and communications while diminishing the risk of a noise-induced hearing loss,” says Garry G. Gordon, M.S., audiologist and CEO of E.A.R. Inc.
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Cap-mount earmuff

The Radians DCMT25-BX passive dielectric earmuff has padded earcups and features metal-free construction, so it’s ideal for use around electrical hazards. The low-profile and lightweight design provides all-day comfort.
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Banded earplugs

These banded earplugs feature an adaptable design that allows users to set the band above their head, below their chin or behind their neck. Featuring an NRR of 25 when in an over-the-head orientation, the plugs come with interchangeable foam and flanged earplugs.
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Reusable earplugs

Tri-Grip reusable earplugs feature a patented, three-sided stem for easier insertion and removal, with an NRR of 27. A unique, rigid stem design allows for a natural fit without requiring harmful pushing or pressure.
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Corded earplugs dispenser

These antimicrobial-protected HL400 dispensers for corded earplugs feature an easy refill lid that allows for quick refilling. Each dispenser holds 400 pairs. The antimicrobial additive reduces the ability of microorganisms, such as viruses, bacteria and fungi, to live on the catch-tray surface.
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Hat-mounted earmuffs

Skullerz 8880 Hard Hat Mounted Earmuffs attach to any Skullerz cap-style or full-brim hard hat, safety helmet, and faceshield by using dedicated side accessory slots.
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Hearing protection

FREE 2.0 earbuds filter damaging noise levels while allowing users to listen to music and take phone calls without removing the earbuds. The FREE 2.0 model delivers a 25 NRR and Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, and comes with a rechargeable charging case.
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Hearing aid/custom earplug

Hear more voices and less noise with the QuickFit MF Pro hybrid hearing aid and electronic hearing protection. QuickFit MF Pro offers users a crystal-clear sound preset for the most common high-frequency hearing loss, which can be customized to match a user’s exact hearing levels.
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