Heat Protection

June 2023



Cooling vest

The one-size-fits-all StaCool Industrial Vest is designed for workers in extreme heat environments. State-of-the-art cooling technology, combined with premium insulating materials, keeps workers cool for up to three hours.
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Hi-vis hat

The ANSI/ISEA 107-compliant Wide Brim Reflective Safari Hat is made from heavy-
duty, high-visibility polyester fabric. It features an extra-wide brim (3 inches) to enhance sun protection and moisture-wicking fabric to keep sweat out of the wearer’s eyes.
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Sun protection

The BOLT sun protection system allows users to secure accessories to Milwaukee head protection. The BOLT Sun Visor with Sunshade features 360-degree ultraviolet protection.
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Cooling fabric

Magid Cool Powered by Mission is a proprietary HydroActive fabric that cools to 30 degrees below the average body temperature in less than 60 seconds and stays cool for up to two hours. All workers need is access to water.
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This head protection sweatband is blue terry cloth and 100% cotton. The sweatband attaches using plastic snaps that provide a universal method of donning.
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Stress monitor

Bodytrak is a smart safety solution that continuously monitors an employee’s response to physiological stress to mitigate workplace risks and prevent incidents caused by heat stress, fatigue and more.
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