Fall protection

May 2024



Positioning harness

The 3M DBI-SALA ExoFit STRATA Positioning Harness is engineered with a back/side D-ring, tri-lock revolver quick connect, and strategically placed padding for the back, hips and shoulders.
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Non-slip stair treads

StairMaster safety renovation treads come in 9- or 11-inch widths as well as contrasting or coordinating colors, including a glow-in-the-dark option. The tread is ideal for exit path markings, safety egress systems, or steps and landings.
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Self-retracting lifelines

This upgraded product line features numerous safety improvements, including more robust shock packs to withstand greater fall forces, thicker cables and redesigned braking systems to provide greater dynamic strength.
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Mobile fall protection unit

The PX3 mobile fall protection system can handle up to five workers at a time – three in fall arrest and two in fall restraint. It lifts into place, allowing users to quickly click off and get to work.
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Class 2 SRL

The FT-X EdgeCore Arc Flash is the first Class 2 SRL designed for use in leading-edge and arc-flash environments. This series uses lifelines made from 100% Kevlar to protect against extreme temperatures from arc flash and electric hazards.
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Self-retracting lifeline

The Werner Bantam Switch is the first reverse-system SRL for professionals working at height. The SRL transfers the weight of the housing unit from the user’s back to the anchor point and lightens the load to zero pounds.
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Safety gate

The Levelizer E3 Mezzanine Safety Gate is designed to never be left open. This innovative design uses the space between the forks and the pallet to deliver the cargo through the gate’s fork guides.
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