Injury prevention


Communications towers

Communication tower safety

As the number of structures needing upgrades has increased, so have worker deaths
After 13 workers died at communication tower worksites in 2013 – more than the previous two years combined – OSHA and other stakeholders are taking a closer look at the safety of the industry.
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Safety ROI

The ROI of safety

Experts say money spent now results in savings down the line
Various studies have shown that investing money in workplace safety improvements will result in greater savings down the line. Safety+Health looks at where injury costs come from.
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Worker fatigue

Sleepy and unsafe

Why aren't workers getting enough rest?
A poll by the National Sleep Foundation found that many transportation workers whose jobs demand high levels of alertness go to work without a good night’s sleep. What impact does sleepiness have on job safety, including the effects of cumulative lack of sleep, and how does this affect workers across all U.S. industries?
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Arizona responds to OSHA threat to take away construction oversight

Phoenix – OSHA’s threat to take away Arizona’s oversight of construction safety – prompted by alleged inadequacies in the state’s fall protection standard – is unnecessary in light of recently passed legislation, an attorney representing the state said in a May 1 letter to the federal agency.
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Close quarters

The hazards of confined spaces
OSHA statistics show that approximately 90 workers die from confined space-related incidents every year. One expert says these incidents continue to occur because many workers and employers don't know what confined spaces actually are, the dangers that lurk inside, and the safeguards that need to be in place.
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Agencies bicker over NIOSH poultry study

Washington – NIOSH Director John Howard is accusing the U.S. Department of Agriculture of misinterpreting a recent NIOSH study on increased poultry-processing line speeds and the effect on worker safety.
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